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Established at the very dawn of the year 1996 by Jeram, Bharat and Mori. Now, Airtech Engineering is a globally recognized engineering solutions provider for air blowers. The company being inspired by German product designs has over the years developed high efficiency and power saving air blowers at a minimum cost. The company’s vision and mission is to commit for redefined quality product, with high efficiency Er performance, along with taking care of the environment through dust and air pollution control products.

Air is the medium we work with. Research and development, planning and consulting, manufacturing and service, whatever we do, the emphasis is on innovative air technology. Air-Tech plants and components are used for collecting, handling and filtering of air, vapours, gases, dust and airborne solids.

Airtech engineering has captured the market of various industries such as Food, Chemical, Ceramic, pharmaceuticals, flour mills and many more across India and Asia continent for it’s air blowers and various environmental pollution control product such as Dust and air pollution control system.

With over more than two decades of providing world-class services and products to our esteemed clients, our endeavors has always been to deliver the best of ourselves to them. For us, it’s about building everlasting relationships with our clients.


  • Dust Control
  • Pollution Control
  • Centrifugal Fans and Blowers.


Provide upgraded technology and operations to redefine quality to serve limitless efficiency.