Air Moving Equipment (SWSI, DWDI) Centrifugal Fan
For Clean air, fumes and moisture.
  Air tech Double and single width fans provide the highest Efficiency, Lowest Power & Sound level so used in air handling units and Evaporate from the powder granular & others.
Capacity : 1000 m3/hr to 200000 m3/hr.
Pressure : 10 mm to 300 mm W.g.

Centrifugal force draft (FD) Fan

  Ideal for Extraction or draft with dust loading / or higher temperature application.
Capacity : 1000 m3 / hr to 100000 m3 / hr.
Pressure : 100 mm to 1000 mm W.g.
Temperature : Up to 660 C.

High Pressure / Single & Double stage blower

For Combustion & Pneumatic conveying.

Mechanical Feature :

Rugged housing construction Impeller dynamically balance a cross vane type make lower energy & higher efficient.

Technical Feature :

Capacity Up to : 5200 CFM

Pressure Up to : 65" W.G.

Material from : MS/SS-304/316, Aluminum.

Series of High Efficiency Centrifugal Fans

New concept in fan engineering. Each type A to F has six type diff. specific speed for best efficiency can handle Air/Hot flue gases/corrosive gases/Dust/Fiber/Powder Material Unique bearing pedestal design for longer bearing life/easy alignment Impeller are having backward curve/Backward Inclined/Radial/Forward Curve selected to suit the application. Impeller are dynamically balanced single of multi stage design.

Construction : MS/SS 304/SS 410/MS with rubber and FRP Lining.

Range : Capacity Up to 200000 m3/hr, Pressure up to 2000 mm of W.g.